Thank you for contributing to the Online Homework Study in the past two years!  As the school year is nearing its end, we want to begin working with you on an important part of your participation in the Online Homework Study – the administration of the TerraNova Common Core Test. We are asking you to administer the test to all the 7th grade students in your school so that we can measure student learning outcome in order to report the impact of homework support on students’ learning of mathematics. 

The TerraNova Common Core Test is a standardized test published by CTB/McGraw-Hill, and it is the only field-tested, valid, and authentic measure aligned to the Common Core that is available to districts today. It features multiple-choice items as well as Constructed-Response (CR) items. Read more about the test.

The TerraNova Common Core test covers language, reading and mathematics.  Our study requires the mathematics portion only, which includes 3 parts.

You need 120 minutes for the test:

  • 10 minutes for Part 1,
  • 30 minutes for Part 2, and
  • 50 minutes for Part 3. 

You will need to allocate another 30 minutes for going over directions, filling in student-identifying information, and to give students a break in-between Parts 2 and 3. 

Testing Timeline

Please plan to administer the test in the first two weeks of May. Click here to see the detailed timeline for the test administration. 

Test Instructions

Here are instructions on how to administer the TerraNova Common Core Test to your 7th grade students, list of materials SRI will send you, and how to send the tests back to SRI